Nonimmigrant Visa to USA in Indonesia 2024: Jakarta and Surabaya – Visa Agency

Nonimmigrant Visa to USA in Indonesia 2024: Jakarta and Surabaya

Nonimmigrant Visa to USA in Indonesia 2024: Jakarta and Surabaya

U.S. B-1/B-2 Tourist/Business visas can be obtained even if you are visiting Indonesia on a visa on arrival (EVOA) or a 211A visa (formerly B211A). Check the current waiting time for an interview appointment. We will make an appointment at the US Embassy in Jakarta or the Consulate in Surabaya. We will create a DS-160 form and help you pay the visa fee. Next comes the interview. Upon successful completion of the interview, you will be issued a visa to the United States.

U.S. Visa application fee deposit slip for interview in Jakarta / Surabaya in 2024:
Nonimmigrant visa (NIV) fee is 185 USD = 2960000 IDR. Payment valid 12 months.

Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160)

The first step in applying for a US nonimmigrant visa is to complete the DS-160 application. This takes about 90 minutes. A timeout of 20 minutes will result in a logout. If you use our US visa application service, you will receive a complete step-by-step guide on photo requirements, required documents, fill in the required data, which will allow you to avoid mistakes and save time. Contact our consultants.

Renew U.S. Visa in Indonesia

It is possible to renew your previous U.S. visa if you are an Indonesian passport holder or have an Indonesian residency permit (KITAS/KITAP). Your most recent visa must be valid or possibly extend an expired visa, but no more than 48 months ago.

Collect the following documents and drop them off at your nearest RPX Document Collection Office any weekday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. You do not need to come in person to submit documents, anyone can do it for you. Address in Bali: Denpasar – RPX.

  1. DS-160 Confirmation Page
  2. Current and all passports covering the entire period of time since you received your last full validity visa
  3. Copy of KITAS / KITAP for legal residence in Indonesia
  4. One photo size 5×5 cm taken within the last 6 months, please see this link for photo requirements
  5. Interview waiver confirmation letter
  6. Visa Application Fee Receipt

Our agency will help prepare all documents for the US visa interview application for the Jakarta Embassy and Consulate in Surabaya.

Addresses of Embassy in Jakarta and Consulate in Surabaya

Do you want to apply american visa in another country?

You can learn about obtaining a visa at website, as well as apply for your visa:

  • How to apply for your nonimmigrant visa for travel to the United States
  • What documents, photos and information you need to apply for your visa
  • How to access visa application forms and instructions
  • How to pay your visa application fee
  • Schedule your interview at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate General
  • Find important information about U.S. Embassies and Consulates General

You can always contact Embassy and Consulate in Indonesia and get help in customer service

If you need help with your visa application or want to learn more about obtaining a visa to travel to the U.S., please contact customer service of The U.S. Embassy / Consulate. The call center is closed for Indonesian and U.S. holidays.

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