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About Us

Our visa agency is a modern company with an IT development vector. We have developed our own CRM system, which allows us not to make immigration mistakes.

We are working to make the visa process in Indonesia hassle-free. Customers love it: over 550 reviews posted.

The Visa Application Center is located in Bali, at a very convenient location in Seminyak.

Our company also has a visa extension agency in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

PT Flado Indonesia Utama is an officially registered travel agency.

A workflow with a lot of very important documents that we keep safe.

We can provide sponsorship for all types of Indonesian visas from Tourist Visa B211A to Retirement KITAS.

We help you open a PT PMA company in Bali or Jakarta: talk about tax rules, investment responsibilities, licenses in Indonesia. We will obtain Investor KITAS for 2 years. Later we will extend your residence permit and next will convert it to a 5-year KITAP. After permanent permit, you can obtain an Indonesian passport.

Sincerely yours, Visa Agency by Flado Indonesia.