How to extend Indonesia Tourist Visa or Visa on Arrival EVOA in Bali Jakarta online? – Visa Agency

How to extend Indonesia Tourist Visa or Visa on Arrival EVOA in Bali Jakarta online?

Indonesia Visa Extension Online

Some visas can now be extended online after arrival in Indonesia.

Send us your e-Visa 211A or Visa on Arrival EVOA and we will extend it.

Tap to message with our visa expert now.

If we can extend your visa online, then the next step is to request an access (email and password) to the immigration site. If EVOA was purchased at the airport, then you do not have access, do not worry. The file you received is enough for us.

After this, a re-check will be carried out. Our visa specialist will confirm that online extension is possible, which means you only have to pay for the service. Extension of EVOA for 30 days – 800.000 IDR, extension of 211A for 60 days – 2.600.000 IDR.

Online extension bonus: your passport remains in your hands, there is no need to come to the immigration office for photos and fingerprints, there will be no new stickers or stamps taking up space in your passport, you can freely travel around Indonesia and not be afraid of overstays, extension information you will receive as a new file.

Online extension of EVOA is instant, but the possibility of extension is often available 2 weeks before the expiration of the visa. You pay, and we extend on time!

Online extension of 211A takes 4-8 working days, when it is paid, there is nothing to worry about. Even if the extension has not yet been completed, and the visa has expired, then there will be no overstay.

We also carry out online extensions of new residence permits KITAS under the index E.

Tourist Visa 211A and EVOA extension in Bali Jakarta Offline

However, in some cases there is no possibility of extension online, due to the fact that technologies are just being introduced. You will have to pay the same amount, bring or send your passport by delivery to our office. We will then prepare the package of documents, submit them to the local immigration office, and invite you for a photo and fingerprints. The passport will return after a while with a new sticker on the page. After this, the passport can be collected.

Offline extension bonus is that it can be done with speed up for an additional fee. Speed up may be necessary when you need to extend your visa only to stay in Indonesia for just a few days before flying out, but you contact us close to the visa expiration date. Online extension cannot be done quickly or much in advance.

Disadvantages of offline extension: handing over your passport to our office, then visiting immigration for photos and fingerprints, receiving your passport from our office. Your passport will use up blank pages. You can travel around Indonesia using a passport photo, but not when you need to visit immigration.