How to Get a Student Visa E30A for 1 or 2 years and Residence Permits (KITAS) for whole family? (Updated 2024) – Visa Agency

How to Get a Student Visa E30A for 1 or 2 years and Residence Permits (KITAS) for whole family? (Updated 2024)

Get a Student KITAS (residence permit) for your studies in Indonesia. All we need is an acceptance letter from the chosen institution.

Open to all ages: From kindergarten to university, your children can qualify for a Student Visa.

If you have a Student Visa then possible to apply for a Dependent Visa for family members. This means your whole family can get a residence permit (KITAS) alongside you!

Learn more about the Student Visa E30A and the process for obtaining it.

Student/ Bachelor's/ Master's/ Doctral' Degree Visas E30A (ex KITAS C316) (1 or 2 years)
Student/ Bachelor’s/ Master’s/ Doctral’ Degree Visas E30A (ex KITAS C316) (for 1 or 2 years)

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Obtain Student KITAS E30A within a week

Example of Student Visa E30A to Indonesia / Residence Permit KITAS for studying children under the guarantor FLADO INDONESIA
Example of Student Visa E30A to Indonesia / Residence Permit KITAS for studying children under the guarantor FLADO INDONESIA

Family Support While Your Child Studies in Indonesia! ‍‍‍

Your family can join your child while they study in Indonesia. A KITAS (residence permit) allows legal stays for the duration of their education. ️

Benefits of a KITAS for Your Family:

  • Cultural immersion & exploration for everyone! 
  • Legal residence & peace of mind for extended stays.
  • Open local bank accounts.
  • Get a driver’s license & explore Indonesia!
  • Healthcare discounts.
  • A smoother path to future visas for Europe, Japan, Australia, the USA,
  • and ultimately, permanent residency (KITAP).

Why should you trust Flado to process your visa?

We have 4 years of experience, 4500 clients, 600 reviews. Visa Agency by Flado Indonesia located in Bali and Jakarta.

We are incredibly honored to be recognized by the prestigious Deutsche Schule Jakarta, a leader in international education in Indonesia. Their recommendation of Flado Visa Agency is a testament to our commitment to exceptional service and seamless visa processing.

Student visa for children studying at a German School Jakarta, founded in 1956.

Let’s apply for Student KITAS

Streamline your arrival in Indonesia with our Student Visa sponsorship! Get a hassle-free visa that automatically includes your e-ITAS (Electronic Limited Stay Permit) and Re-Entry Permit. Upon arrival, simply head to the Immigration Checkpoint at the airport – no need for a separate trip to the immigration office! Let us handle the paperwork, so you can focus on your exciting studies in Indonesia.

Required Documents (from student):

Documents from education organization:

  • Letter of acceptance from the educational institution in Indonesia that explains the length of time the foreigner will be enrolled in the educational institution.

Prices for Student KITAS E30A (ex C316) for 1 or 2 years:

We can do Student KITAS with offshore process. You need to come to country to activate this stay permit.

Process nameTotal Fee – Bali/Jakarta/Surabaya/Yogyakarta/All Indonesia
Student Visa for 1 year9.200.000
Student Visa for 2 years11.450.000

We can also convert your current Tourist Visa 211A into a Student Visa/KITAS if you have already arrived in Indonesia (Bali or Jakarta) and we issued the 211A visa under the sponsorship of our company. Tell us about your plans in advance! VOA cannot be converted to KITAS!

Process nameTotal Fee in Bali/Jakarta
Conversion 211A to Student KITAS 1 year13.150.000 (must check current visa first)
Conversion 211A to Student KITAS 2 years14.200.000 (must check current visa first)
Student Visa extension 1 year9.200.000
Student Visa extension 2 years11.450.000

Process duration

  • Usual process will take approximately 7-12 working days. We can make Student Visa urgently during 1 working day. Make a request to our consultants.
  • Onshore KITAS/Conversion from ITK (211A/C2) to KITAS process will take approximately 12-15 days.

About Student KITAS

  • Student Visa is multiple entry.
  • We recommend starting the extension process 3-4 weeks before the expiration date or start the KITAS closure process 2 weeks prior via EPO.
  • If you have Student KITAS, your Parents can also get KITAS.

Interesting information:

TOP institutes and universities in Indonesia

Some institutions in Jakarta for which we can issue a Student Visa E30A: Politeknik: Politeknik Negeri Media Kreatif, Jakarta Selatan, Makassar dan Medan Politeknik Kesehatan Kementerian Kesehatan Jakarta III, Jakarta Timur Politeknik APP Jakarta, Jakarta Politeknik STMI Jakarta, Jakarta Politeknik Negeri Jakarta, Jakarta; Universitas: Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta Pusat dan Depok Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Jakarta Timur Universitas Veteran Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan dan Depok Universitas Terbuka.

Admitted to a Balinese educational institute and need a Student Visa E30A? We will help you issue a residence permit for studying in: Universitas: Universitas Hindu Negeri I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Singaraja) Universitas Udayana (Denpasar); Institut: Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar; Politeknik: Politeknik Negeri Bali (Badung), Politeknik Kesehatan Kementrian Kesehatan Denpasar (Denpasar), Politeknik Kelautan dan Perikanan Negeri Jembrana (Negara), Politeknik Pariwisata Bali (Badung).

TOP 10 Indonesian universities popular among foreigners: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Universitas Surabaya, Universitas Telkom, Universitas Airlangga, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Universitas Tarumanegara, Universitas Diponegoro, Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Sulawesi Utara, Universitas Gadjah Mada.