Retirement KITAS – Pension Visa Issue C319

Retirement KITAS – Pension Visa Issue C319


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Reference: VITAS is visa. KITAS is “kartu” = card.

2 steps:
1) need to get VITAS via online submission. Our agency will make it. VITAS is e-visa.
2) during 30 days after VITAS issued we will visit local immigration office to convert VITAS to KITAS. Applicants provide their bio data: photo and fingerprint. KITAS is stay permit. Retirement KITAS is permit for 1 year. We will extend it each year. Maximum 4 times.

Documents we need:
1) property rental agreement at least 1 year which legalised by notarius
2) 2 local helpers and their IDs
3) domicile letter from head of village (banjar)
4) letter from local police department – certificate of police registration
5) bank statement with minimum 18.000 USD or 1.500 monthly income
6) curriculum vitae (CV)
7) health insurance for 1 year minimum
8) passport 18 months and more validity
9) last visa
10) copy of marriage certificate if married
11) photo with red background

Step 1: 11 working days
Step 2: must visit immigration office during 30 days

We need to make extension every year 3 weeks before expiration date. Same package of documents.

After 5 years of KITAS possible to convert it to KITAP with 5 years stay.

* E-Visa Fee Included
* You don’t have to visit Embassy
* Extendable 4 time (13.000.000/ext)

Review from our client:

I couldn’t be any happier with this agency! I got my retirement KITAS at a very reasonable price. They are professional,…

Posted by Sameer Maasarani on Tuesday, 20 April 2021




Pension/Retirement KITAS C319 – 1 Year Multy-Entry Stay Permit in Indonesia for those who 55 years or older

  • Standard package


  • The term for obtaining a visa is 11-18 working days from the date of payment


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