Travel document for coming to Bali or Jakarta, Indonesia with Tourist Visa 211A – Visa Agency

Travel document for coming to Bali or Jakarta, Indonesia with Tourist Visa 211A

Passport vs. Travel Document: Get Indonesian Visa 211A

You can go to Indonesia not only with a passport. Another allowed ID is a travel document. Of course, a regular passport is more convenient; to obtain a visa, a validity period of only 6 months is sufficient.

The travel document must be valid for at least 12 months to obtain a visa. With a travel document you cannot obtain a VOA and can only apply for a pre-issued visa 211A (ex B211A). In this case, you will also need to provide proof of your residence permit/re-entry permit. Indonesian Immigration Service accepts the following types of ID:

  • Travel Document
  • Titre De Voyage/ Travel Document For Refugee
  • Document Of Identity
  • Certificate Of Identity
  • Emergency Travel Document
  • Other Travel Document
  • Aliens Passport
  • Temporary Passport
  • Laissez Passer
  • Alien Travel Document
  • Emergency Passport

Get Indonesian Tourist Visa 211A with your Travel Document

Example of Tourist Visa 211A for travellers to Indonesia with Travel Document under guarantor FLADO INDONESIA UTAMA

An application for a Tourist Visa 211A for a travel document must be submitted with a guarantor only

Visa Agency by Flado Indonesia can help you obtain your Visa 211A. Fast and professional service will save you time and avoid refusal. Your vacation plans will not be ruined.

Tourist Visa 211A Application with Rejected Information: Please reapply using coorporate as you are guarantor

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The most popular travel document is for refugees

What do we have in this situation? The citizenship is still original, but the travel document is from another country. This is like a second citizenship, and a visa can be issued using a document from the country of travel document with another citizenship. For example, you are a refugee with a Lebanese travel document with Israeli or Palestinian citizenship. You can come to Indonesia with a visa, which will be issued on the basis of Lebanese citizenship.

Not allowed boarding to Bali or Jakarta, Indonesia with Travel Document

Sometimes our clients with non-passport identification documents receive a notification at the airport that they are not allowed to fly after receiving an Indonesian visa. Airline staff at the airport cannot confirm travel documents for a flight to Indonesia. What is supposed to be done in this situation?

Probably of non-competence of airlines worker you will skip flight to Bali or Jakarta

This situation is stressful, but it is not the end of your vacation. It’s bad that no one will compensate you for your hotel booking, as well as transfer from the airport. After all the clarifications, the airline is obliged to provide you with the next flight free of charge.

How to save time and not miss a flight?

  1. Arrive at the airport early
  2. Ask Indonesian airline staff to verify your e-Visa
  3. Our visa specialist will always come to your aid

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