Positive Covid-19 – The Quarantined Person Experience: 21 Days in Jakarta, Indonesia – Visa Agency

Positive Covid-19 – The Quarantined Person Experience: 21 Days in Jakarta, Indonesia

Positive Covid-19 – The Quarantined Person Experience: 21 Days in Jakarta, Indonesia

“After 21 days of quarantine (4 days in normal hotel for self isolation and 17 days in covid hotel), I finally got a negative PCR test. In short, for those who caught the covid upon arrival and thundered in Jakarta in quarantine at the Hariston Hotel: listerine, vodka, chlorhexidine and any other crap that you would be advised to rinse the nasopharynx did not work in my case, the test results did not change. And, in fact, I got a negative test only when I didn’t wash it with anything. Calls to the consuls, hysterics and rudeness to the staff (not only the Russians have tried) – they do not work, the consuls are not allowed into the hotel, and as a result, a military man may come to you and ask you unfriendly abuse. You are not deceived by the staff and there is no conspiracy against you, you just have a fucking covid according to the testing system in Indonesia, and the fact that you are in quarantine is a government order and no one will help you. You will pay Rs 1,100,000 a day and for each individual PCR test and each test you will have to stick a stick in your nose as deep as possible, but it does not hurt. Delivery works here, you can live, they let you walk for two hours every day in the morning. The first test will be in six days and not earlier, as much as you would like it. And subsequent tests will be every three days. But, you can refuse and reschedule the test, or ask to do it early. To get out, you need to get a CT value of 35 or higher, your CT value will be indicated on the test, it will increase as you recover. Drink vitamins, eat fruit, do exercises, walk during walking hours and try to recover as best you can, do not panic and communicate with people. Hotel is full of people from different countries, including local ones.”

Sergey Kornienko, Russian Citizen, 25.05.2021

Recommendation: how to save money if you get into a covid hotel in Jakarta – free insurance

If you are flying with Emirates, they provide you with extended insurance, which is completely free, even if you have a one-way ticket. They can cover up to 14 days of an involuntary stay in a covid hotel at the rate of approximately 2.140.000 rupees per day (150 usd).

USD 150 per day, per person for up to 14 consecutive days if you test positive for COVID‑19 and are unexpectedly placed into mandatory quarantine while overseas.

Etihad Airlines also has similar program called COVID-19 global wellness insurance cover.

Yes, we will provide 100 euros per insured person for each full day you have to spend in quarantine, up to a maximum of 14 days. If you need medical treatment for COVID-19, this will also be covered up to 150,000 euros.