List of Nationals for calling visa to Indonesia – Visa Agency

List of Nationals for calling visa to Indonesia

List of Nationals for calling visa to Indonesia

Pursuant to the Decree from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia, hereby we announce that citizens whom countries listed as follow:

  • Afghanistan
  • Guinea
  • Israel
  • North Korea
  • Cameroon
  • Liberia
  • Nigeria
  • Somalia

​are obliged to obtain a clearance from the Indonesian authority prior to a visa issuance. Visa Agency by Flado Indonesia requires about 1 month period to process the application from the listed nationals in this regard.

All applications will ​be submitted electronically and e-visa will not be issued until an approval will not come from the immigration authorities in Jakarta.

Applicants whose applications need referral to the Immigration Authorities in Indonesia should NOT PURCHASE their travel tickets (plane, boat or otherwise) before the approval for their visa application is received.

What does a calling visa mean?

“A Calling Visa country is a country whose condition or state is considered to have a certain level of vulnerability in terms of ideological, political, economic, social, cultural, defense and state security, and immigration aspects,” said Arvin Gumilang, Head of Public Relations and General Affairs of the Directorate General of Immigration.

e-Visa service available now for calling visa subjects for the purpose of uniting family, business, investment and work.

Arvin revealed that the process of examining eVisa applications for citizens of calling visa subjects involves an assessment team consisting of:

  • Ministry of Law and Human Rights; 
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs; 
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 
  • Ministry of Manpower
  • National Police of the Republic of Indonesia; 
  • Attorney General’s Office; 
  • State Intelligence Agency; 
  • Indonesian National Army Strategic Intelligence Agency; and 
  • National Narcotics Agency. 

“This team will hold a coordination meeting to assess whether a person is eligible or not to be granted a visa,” concluded Arvin.