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Visa Services: All Visa Types in Indonesia

The most common visas for visiting Bali or Jakarta and living in Indonesia

  1. Visa Exemption – only for 30 days of stay – 9 ASEAN countries – must leave the country before the expiration date;
  2. Visa on Arrival – from 30 to 60 days of stay – 97 countries – must leave the country before the expiration date;
  3. Visit Visa B211A – from 60 to 180 days of stay – most countries – it is easier to come to the country if you travel frequently; a visa allows you to obtain a residence permit;
  4. Temporary residence permit KITAS – from 6 months to 2 years of initial stay with the possibility of extension up to 5 years;
  5. Permanent residence permit KITAP – for 5 years initial stay and indefinitely for the 2nd time;
  6. Citizenship after 5 continuous or 10 cumulative years of living in Indonesia with permanent residence status.

Which visa is cheaper to visit Indonesia? How to get to Bali or Jakarta?

The answer is simple. Of course, e-Visa on Arrival (e-VoA) if the trip is less than 60 days. Tourist Visa B211A is suitable for longer stays.

  1. e-Visa on Arrival: obtain online and present at the airport in Bali or Jakarta;
  2. Visa B211A is a pre-issued visa and takes several days to obtain.

Extension of e-Visa on Arrival and Visa B211A in Bali and in Jakarta

Don’t wait until your visa expires. Contact us after arriving in Bali or Jakarta and start the extension process. It lasts for several weeks for the classic VOA you get at the airport, and 1 day for the e-VOA. If you need to speed up the process and get it done in 3-4 working days, you can order an expedited procedure.

  1. Visa on Arrival (VoA/e-VoA) Extension in Bali & Visa on Arrival (VoA) Extension in Jakarta
  2. Visa B211A Extension in Bali & Visa B211A Extension in Jakarta
  3. Extension Speed Up

Which days can affect immigration processes?

All national holidays and Balinese traditional holidays are usually immigration holidays and we are unable to provide visa services on these days. Saturday and Sunday are always days off.

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