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Health Insurance For Indonesia

If you are traveling to Indonesia, we recommend that you have good health insurance. Medical services for foreigners are expensive. You can use the SafetyWing online service to buy inexpensive protection.

Do you want reliable insurance?

We are official agency of AlfaStrakhovanie which is one of the leading insurance companies in Russia.

  • Up to $100.000 medical coverage
  • Up to $2500 observation coverage
  • COVID-19 protection
  • There are no extra charges

Observation coverage

If the traveler is quarantined at the request of the local authorities, the insurance company will pay for his unforeseen costs associated with the observation. For example, you arrived to Indonesia and your PCR test shown positive result. Follow health protocol in Indonesia you will be move to special hotel without treatment.

COVID-19 protection

In some cases you will be moved to the hospital for the treatment.


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Which insurance plan do you need to choose for traveling to Indonesia?

30 days plans for 1 person include:

Our recommendation
Insurance planPremium (Е) All inclusiveClassic (С) For visa purposes
Sum insured $/€ (for each insured)$100.000$50.000 / $100.000
Policy cost for all participants$163$104 / $136
Plan includes++
Medical Expenses++
Medical Transportation++
Repatriation in Case of Death++
Emergency Dental Health Service++
Transport Expenses++
Emergency Messages Payment++
Extra Transport Expenses++
Loss and Theft of Documents++
Legal Assistance++
Damage to a Personal Vehicle+
Third Party Liability+
Luggage Insurance+
Observation Services+

Rules of insurance

Don’t forget to read the full insurance rules to know the list of covered claims.

How to order health insurance and how will it cost?

Price depends from ages, insurance period, amount coverage, options you will choose.

Health insurance starts from $3.47 per day. If you will include observation coverage from $5.43 per day.

We need to get from you:

  • photo of passport:  
  • phone number: 
  • email: 
  • period from (earliest date: +5 days from current date): 
  • period to: 
  • Indonesia or whole wide? [leave your choice]
  • choose medical coverage: for 50.000 or 100.000 USD (or may be in EUR) [leave your choice] 
  • do we need to include observation coverage? [yes/no] 
  • if you need observation coverage choose 1500, 2000 or 2500 USD (or may be in EUR) coverage [leave your choice].

Do you need cheaper health insurance?

You can buy it online from american company SafetyWing – twice cheaper then russian AlfaStrakhovanie.

from $42 – 4 weeksfrom $97 – 4 weeks

Visit Indonesia With Right Insurance for Traveling Abroad!

Contact our managers for calculations and online order.