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Some Common Questions Asked During a US Visa Interview

There are 3 main questions that concern our clients going to an interview for a US visa: What should visa applicants bring to the US Embassy/Consulate interview? Please only take with you: Do not bring prohibited items with you: This includes laptops, mobile phones, USB sticks, chargers, cables, batteries, headphones, smart watches, remote car keys, […]

US Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Visitors who wish to enter the United States for study, tourism, business, medical treatment and other reasons must apply for a United States visa. The application process includes filling out an application form, submitting documents, paying a visa fee and, if necessary, appearing for a visa interview. While not all categories of US visa applications […]

Tourist Levy in Bali: Who Has to Pay and Who Can Be Exempted from The Tax

From February 14, 2024, all foreigners entering Bali will be charged a mandatory tourist tax called Bali Levy of IDR 150,000 (approximately $10). Moreover, all foreign tourists will have to pay the fee, regardless of where they came to Bali from: from another country or from another part of Indonesia. Claim Levy Exemption Holders of […]

New visas to Indonesia in 2024: same rules, but new codes

From January 9, 2024, Indonesian Immigration introduced new types of visas and new lengths of stay for tourism and business needs. We will tell you about changes in Indonesian immigration legislation and the application system New indexes for Single-Entry visas: Here you can learn more about Indonesian Tourism/Business visa. Multiple-Entry visa moved from the […]

Independent travel to Russia: How to fly to Moscow or St. Petersburg, where to stay, excursions, guides, theaters

So, your Russian visa has been received and is already pasted into your passport. Most likely, you have already purchased medical insurance and purchased air tickets to Moscow / St. Petersburg. Please note that without medical insurance you may not be allowed into Russia. Also, when entering Russia, immigration officers sometimes ask for a return […]

Traveling to Russia in 2024: immigration rules, payments, currency limits due to sanctions in 2024 (what you need to know)

Immigration control upon arrival in Russia You must indicate the purpose of your visit: tourist or business, following the visa in your passport. You will receive a Migration Card from the immigration officer. Keep it in a safe place along with your passport. Payments in Russia Due to sanctions from international payment systems, your Indonesian […]

Russian Customs Regulations & Declaration

Customs Declaration To Enter Russia: Moscow & St. Petersburg An example of filling out a Russian customs declaration Russian Customs Declaration (Download Form) Do you want to visit Russia? Get a Russian Tourist/Business Visa in Indonesia in no time More information you need to know before traveling to Russia

Cameroon Removed from Calling Visa List

JAKARTA – The government has officially removed Cameroon from the list of countries subject to Indonesian calling visas. This was confirmed through the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights (Kepmenkumham) Number M.HH-05.GR.01.06 of 2023 which was ratified on 23 November 2023. The removal of Cameroon from the list of calling visa countries […]

Green Card Lottery: try to get a USA residence permit for free

The process of obtaining a USA green card begins with providing your own data for free. At this point, you don’t even need to have a valid passport, but you do need to be sure how your name will be written in English. To apply for the free US green card lottery, you need to […]

Golden Visa in Indonesia – KITAS for 5 or 10 years
Golden Visa in Indonesia – KITAS for 5 or 10 years

“Golden visa is a visa that is given as a basis for granting a residence permit for a period of 5 to 10 years in order to support the national economy,” said the Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim on September 2, 2023. Golden Visa policy in Indonesia Individual investors: Commissaries and directors of PT […]