Offshore & Onshore Visas in Indonesia. Stickers in the Passport. Visa Extension in Bali.

Offshore & Onshore Visas in Indonesia. Stickers in the Passport. Visa Extension in Bali.

Stay permit and visa extension stickers for offshore business visa b211a. Onshore social visa b211a has 1 sticker less.

Offshore Business Visa B211A allows to stay in Indonesia 6 months maximum. You will have arrival sticker with entry day and last date. 10 working days before expiration date have to start extension process. Documents have to be submitted by sponsor before last date. Immigration office will invite for bio procedures in a 7-10 working days after payment. After photo and fingerprints on 1st extension passport will get extension sticker in 7-10 working days. Possible to speed up each extension and make it in 3-4 working days. Only 1st visa extension require your personal visit. Our agency will handle 2nd, 3rd and 4th extensions. You will always receive monthly report with last sticker in your personal profile. For offshore visa you need 2 pages of passport.

Onshore Social Visa B211A we can make if your last 4th extensions already done. New clients have special price for such visa. If offshore visa issued we will get e-Visa, next you will have only 4 extension stickers. Your passport just need 1 empty page.

Visit visa can be issued only if your passport valid minimum 6 months. During covid-19 time many embassies need 3-4 months to make new passport for you, have to visit Jakarta to make new passport. We recommend to have 2nd passport, or start to make it at least 10 months before expiration date of currunt, if you want to stay in Indonesia long time. One day of overstay – 1 million idr.

Offshore visa allow to stay in Indonesia 180 days. Onshore – 150 days. After first visa extension you can travel between islands with photo of your passport. At the same time, we will care about extensions.

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