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Tourist Offshore e-Visa (VIP package)

Tourist Offshore e-Visa (VIP package)

Tourist Offshore e-Visa (VIP package)

Rp6.700.000 inclusive of tax

Start process of obtaining visa on Create profile, choose type of visa, add your data and attach documents.


– E-Visa (60 days Tourist Visa Single Entry)
– E-Visa Fee Included
– VIP Fast Track
– You don’t have to buy return ticket, just one way (we can help you).
* E-Visa will valid for 90 days
* Possible to extend visa 2 times, for 60 days each time
* You don’t have to visit Embassy
* We only need your main page of passport

Offshore tourist visa for entry:
4.600.000 IDR ~ 307 USD – Standard
6.100.000 IDR ~ 407 USD – Fast
7.500.000 IDR ~ 500 USD – One Day Service
6.700.000 IDR ~ 447 USD – Standard with Fast Track
11.100.000 IDR ~ 740 USD – Priority (Few Hours Visa)



Tourist Visa B211A Single Entry 60 days

  • VIP package with priority support in airport


  • The term for obtaining a visa is up to 5-10 working days from the date of payment