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Offshore visa for those who want to come to Indonesia

Onshore visa for guests inside country:

Limited stay visas (KITAS):

Permanent stay permit (KITAP):

  • Family KITAP for 5 years after KITAS/KITAP (for spouse with indonesia wife/husband, after 2 years in marriage) – 24.000.000 IDR ~ 1660 USD
  • Unlimited Spouse KITAP after 5 years in KITAP – 29.000.000 IDR ~ 2010 USD

Visa services:

Business services:


  • The term for obtaining a visa is up to 12 working days depends on paid package
  • Business and Social visas extension maximum 4 times
  • KITAS extension maximum up to 5 years
  • KITAP includes maximum 2 years MERP

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