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Turkish Airlines Canceled Flights To Bali In December 2020

Turkish Airlines Canceled Flights To Bali In December 2020

Turkish Airlines will not fly to Bali

And, this is the second time since the coronavirus pandemic. Turkish Airlines opened selling of tickets twice, canceled twice.

No, they are still flying to Indonesia, flying through Jakarta. But, without the consent of the authorities, they started selling air tickets to Bali (Denpasar), bypassing Jakarta.

The first time they opened ticket sales to Bali at the end of August for September schedule and then abruptly canceled itinerary. Yesterday, they sold tickets starting from December 4 from Istanbul to Denpasar and today everything disappeared in search results. In general, the experts foreshadowed this.

How will they now resolve the issue with cancelation of direction? Will they give to clients a voucher? Will they let to choose another convenient flight without surcharges or will they give limited offer?

Let’s discuss in a chat in Telegram – we will find out the solutions and what cases people have. Don’t need to call in support of Turkish Airlines now. Let’s find common decision first.

Those who are going to Bali in the near future need to know how to be with visa to Indonesia. A lot of nuances. If you want to buy ticket now – take it through Jakarta if you are going from Europe. These flights have been performing well for several months now. Turkish Airlines makes these flights without cancellations, not like other airlines. Here they are great.

By the way, here you can always find out which flight will take you to Bali exactly.

Update. The Turkish sent a message offering free exchange, but only to Jakarta:

Your following flights have been cancelled.

For more details and free change requests, you may visit our web site

Lifehack arrived:

Friends, information for those who bought a ticket for the Turkish Airlines to Denpasar (without Jakarta) and who received information about the cancellation of the flight today. How do I. So, it was not possible to rebook on the website (technical error), the call center said that they could not change with a transfer in Jakarta, because the last segment is operated by another airline. I went to the Turkish office, where everything was re-registered without any problems to Denpasar with a transfer in Jakarta. Therefore, for whom it is relevant, look for the Turkish office in your city 🙂 Final price for itinerary Moscow – Istanbul – Jakarta – Denpasar is 436 USD.