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Customs declaration to enter Indonesia in Bali

Customs declaration to enter Indonesia in Bali

Customs declaration to enter Indonesia in Bali

You can fill out an electronic customs declaration in advance at or You can also do this on paper upon arrival, but more recently, before flying to Indonesia, it is required to present a completed declaration in electronic form.

How much cash can I bring into Indonesia from abroad?

No need to declare imported cash up to 100.000.000 IDR ~ 6.400 USD per person.

Up to IDR ~ 64.000 USD must be declared, import is also allowed.

When importing a large amount of money, may ask for the history of the origin of the funds.

Check out the customs website 
If you import an amount higher, then 10% tax is taken, but not more than 300 million rupiah. Administrative sanctions may apply

How much cigarettes and alcohol can bring into Indonesia?

  • Allowed to import 200 cigarettes, that is, 10 packs;
  • 1 person can bring 1 liter of strong alcohol to Bali.

Flying to Indonesia for up to 60 days? Get an e-VoA visa in just 5 minutes

  • Prepare your photo, passport photo and bank card Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, Amex, Paypal
  • You also need to provide your flight number, date of arrival, phone number and address in Indonesia
  • Let the consultant know that you want to issue an e-VoA by sending the documents to the chat or email or submit the form

  • Visa service fee with all taxes is 800.000 IDR
  • After payment, we will send you an e-VoA B213. You can print or show visa from phone to the immigration officer at the airport
  • After arriving in Indonesia, you can immediately extend your visa for an additional 30 days, take a photo of the arrival stamp and send it to us
  • Extension also costs 800.000 IDR
  • Depending on the number of visas and the desire to pay for the extension immediately, select the required number of services before adding to the cart: link to pay for 30-day e-VoA
  • You can also purchase a 60-day e-VoA and not think about visa extension at all while traveling