Getting access PT PMA’s company profile on the Indonesian Tax Department website: Registration on – Visa Agency

Getting access PT PMA’s company profile on the Indonesian Tax Department website: Registration on

After your PT PMA company opened you will have on your email notification from tax department with picture of your tax card which called NPWP in Indonesia:

This email tells that you will get physical card too if all documents are enough for tax department. Any way you already got responsibility to pay taxes. You need to wait up to 1 month to get physical card, also you can visit nearest tax department (KPP). You can email to your tax department too.

How to find email of your tax department?

Copy name of your KPP from email and Google it. Example:

How to request online access to company profile PT PMA on website of tax department

To be able to use the electronic tax service provided at, you must first activate EFIN via Tax Office. You can email to (KPP Pratama Denpasar Timur), (KPP Pratama Badung Selatan), (KPP Pratama Jakarta Setiabudi Tiga) to get EFIN.

You need to attache:

  • Filled EFIN application form (download pdf form, example how to fill it)
  • NPWP of company
  • NPWP of director (personal)
  • ID / Passport / KTP of director
  • Company deed (AKTA)
  • Selfie of director holding ID and personal NPWP

You will get EFIN to your email. After that open page and input your NPWP and received EFIN to set password. Now we have access to company PT PMA profile on website of Indonesian tax department.

Note: Always keep your EFIN confidential. EFIN is an authentication tool to maintain the security of your electronic transactions in the online tax service of the Directorate General of Taxes.

P.S. If you do not have a personal NPWP, the tax department will ask you to first obtain your own free NPWP card.

PT PMA must make monthly reports and submit annual declaration SPT

Like responsible Taxpayer company need to make monthly tax payments and one per year completed report. Your tax obligations you can do via the page​.

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