How to register e-HAC Indonesia for FREE on PeduliLindungi App?

How to register e-HAC Indonesia for FREE on PeduliLindungi App?

If you are going to come Indonesia have to fill EHAC (Electronic Health Alert Card). Need to use application PeduliLindungi.

Make e-HAC in PeduliLindungi: 

1. Download PeduliLindungi and sign up with your email

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2. Click electronic health alert card (e-HAC) on the bottom of main screen
3. Create e-HAC
4. Click International e-HAC
5. Fill in personal data and information about the last segment of your flight to Indonesia. You can write “no seat” if you don’t already have one.

Do you want to use PeduliLindungi to get access in shopping malls?

People commonly use PeduliLindungi in Indonesia to enter shopping malls. If you are a foreigner, you must make a special request to add the vaccine certificate to your profile in this application. Confirm your foreign vaccine certificate here

Verification will take 1-3 days and you will get notification to your email about that. After that sign up with same email here and add your data like on screenshot bellow: full name, passport number with country code, birth day, date of first dose, set name of your vaccine or choose Vaksin Luar Negeri. You will have approved vaccine in PeduliLindungi.

P.S. Not a problem if your vaccine is not in that application. You can always show your original vaccination certificate to get access to shopping mall.

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