EPO (Exit Permit Only) for KITAS holders

EPO (Exit Permit Only) for KITAS holders

Rp1.000.000 inclusive of tax

Documents for EPO:
1. Original passport of foreigner
2. Copy of passport biodata page, VITAS, ITAS stamp
3. Copy e-ITAS
4. Application letter from the sponsor (if the foreigner does not leave Indonesia and will apply for a visa, it is stated in the application letter “submitting an application for returning immigration documents because the foreigner will apply for an onshore visa”) (if the sponsor is a company / foundation / agency then the application letter must be on letterhead company and signed by the sponsor (manager/company director/head of foundation) and wet stamp of the company/foundation/institution)
5. Copy of sponsor’s e-KTP
6. Copy of DPKK and IMTA (work)
7. Marriage certificate/marriage book (family documents)
8. Departure ticket (if a foreigner leaves Indonesia)



Why do we need EPO?

EPO for closing of KITAS (student, working, investor, family, retirement).

The sponsor must apply for an EPO if the ITAS/ITAP has expired and is not renewed.

The purpose of obtaining an EPO for KITAS cancellation is to have a legally clean relationship between you and the previous company by returning all original documents to the authorities.

This regulation can be further explained as follows:

  1. When a foreigner moves to a new company or changes KITAS sponsors, an EPO must be obtained before being able to get a new work permit.
  2. When a foreigner changes the type of KITAS, for example from a work KITAS to a retirement KITAS, EPO is needed.
  3. When a foreigner resigns from a job and will no longer work in Indonesia, an EPO must be submitted before leaving Indonesia.

Leaving Indonesia without KITAS Cancellation

It doesn’t matter if you leave Indonesia with a valid KITAS and decide not to return to Indonesia in the future. However, if you plan to re-enter Indonesia and your KITAS has expired while you are abroad, you will be faced with administrative immigration issues.

Once the Indonesian immigration officer finds out that your KITAS has not been canceled with an EPO when you return to Indonesia, you will be questioned. Otherwise, you will be refused entry to Indonesia at any time.


We would advise not leave EPO process to the very last minute. It takes approximately 3-5 working days. Once stamped you will have to leave the country within 5 days.

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